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(Please note if your collection day falls on a Public Holiday, read the collection information below)

Holiday Collection Information

All other routes stay the same.

24/03/2020 2pm UPDATED: For those in self-isolation or feeling unwell you need to double bag your waste. Please put all the waste that you have used, including tissues and masks, in a plain plastic rubbish bag. Tie the bag when it is about three-quarters full. Place the plastic bag either into your pre-paid bag or bin. Treat all cleaning waste in the same way. After you have placed these materials inside your pre-paid bag or bin, you need to wait 72 hours before placing your pre-paid bag or bin on the kerbside for collection.

23/03/2020 4pm PLEASE NOTE: - We are classed as an Essential Service. At this present time, under both Level 3 & Level 4, our waste and recycling collection services will remain the same. We will update this message if the situation changes. Stay safe. Team CAN PLAN

Skips, Frontload bins and Office will be closed on all public holidays.

Please have your bin or bag out earlier than normal as the trucks get through their routes faster on Public Holidays.

From all of us at Team CAN PLAN have a Happy Holiday! 


Michael & Charmaine Boocock